Landing Page Website Terms & Conditions

I understand I am purchasing a semi-custom, single page website. I understand that any additional content or customization requests require additional charges.

I understand that I’ll be charged $350 + any additional customizations I’ve selected today. This amount is non-refundable. My first subscription payment of $150 will process in 14 days, the approximate date of my website’s launch.

If I cancel before 14 days from the payment date, I will not be charged the first $150 subscription fee, but I understand I will not receive a website, whole or partial.

After subscription charges have renewed, a one week grace period begins where refunds are available. After this grace period, refunds are not possible, however, you can cancel at any time.

If you’d like to move your site away from StreamlineEquine, a $150 transfer fee will apply. You’ll receive a backup file of your site and assistance transferring your domain to the registrar of your choice.

Lisa Kittel, DBA StreamlineEquine, is the owner of all domains, hosting, and websites, excepting creative assets like logos and photographs provided to StreamlineEquine for site build. Cancellation of the subscription and payment of the $150 transfer fee will fully transfer domain ownership and website copyright.

Non payment of the annual subscription fee will result in loss of site access. We cannot guarantee domains or website content will be available for more than 60 days following subscription renewal date.

Site updates will be performed exclusively by StreamlineEquine. Basic updates, including text changes and picture swaps, are available at a flat rate of $25. Simple updates will be performed within 48 hours of payment, excluding weekends and holidays. Larger updates, like additional sections or add-ons, are available at a la carte rates that can be viewed in your member area. Fully custom work, like additional site pages, is available at the current hourly rate. Please contact StreamlineEquine for details.

Site update, custom work rates, and subscription charges are subject to change. However, if rates increase more than 15%, the transfer fee will be waived to move sites away from StreamlineEquine servers.