Websites for Horse Trainers, Small Businesses, and Stallion Owners

Not every business needs a fully custom site.

StreamlineEquine’s landing pages are perfect for businesses that need simple and straightforward. Our single page sites get the point across without extra bells and whistles, making them an affordable solution for stallion owners, and small business entrepreneurs that just want a brochure-type site to send prospective customers to.

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How it works

You’ll fill out a simple form with all the information about your business, provide pictures, and pick a favorite color. We’ll turn this into a complete, mobile-friendly, and beautiful website in about two weeks.

No technical knowledge needed!

We’ll take care of all the setup and maintenance so you don’t have to add learning a new skillset to your plate. We even handle all the updates whenever you request them.

Customizations Available

If there’s a little something you’d like on your website that’s not included in the template, we can add it a la carte. This means you don’t have to pay for a fully custom build, but you can add features as your budget allows.


Landing Pages cost a flat rate of $500 for the first year and $150/year after that. You’ll pay $350 to book the project, then you’ll be automatically billed $150 after two weeks, around when your site goes live! Your next payment will process in a year.

Simple updates, like picture changes and text updates are $25 each and are available as often as you’d like. More complicated updates, like adding new sections, are priced a la carte.

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Get started now and have a website within 2 weeks!

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Add custom logos, business cards, brand identity, and more.

StreamilneEquine specializes in creative logos and other graphic design. Add a logo or Brand Identity package to your Landing Page for a professional appearance!

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Detailed Pricing

Base charge:  $500
($350 charged immediately, $150 charged in 14 days)

Yearly charge: $150
(includes site maintenance, hosting charges, and domain renewal)

Site Updates (text changes and pictures changes): $25

Site Add-ons:


Site Customizations: depend on project, but our base rate starts at $50/hour. Please contact us to discuss your custom ideas!
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First, you’ll make an account here. You’ll then be directed to the Template Site form. There, you’ll fill out all the details of your business, upload your pictures, and make your first payment. We’ll take it from there!

No need! StreamlineEquine handles all updates. This includes any changes you need to make, plus all security, theme and plugin updates, regular site backups, and hosting and domain renewal. Your changes cost $25 each for simple updates. Site maintenance is included in your $150/year fee.

To keep our costs low and everything, well, streamlined, we don’t offer access for our clients to update their Template Sites. If performing your own updates is important to you, reach out to discuss our fully custom sites, which include training.

You’ll log in to your account and then select the Website Changes or Website Add Ons options. Fill out the form, make your payment, and we’ll get your changes made!

Updates (defined as photo or text changes) will be made within 48 hours of payment, except on weekends and holidays.

Changes (defined as additional sections, new pages, or other options from the A la Carte Add-Ons) will be made within 2 weeks of payment.

Customization timeframe may vary, but is generally completed within 2 weeks, depending on complexity.

Absolutely! Landing Page sites are a great starting point that can be added on to infinitely. They start out single page, but we can add additional pages or sections, custom fields, social media feeds, and even appointment booking or e-commerce capability as needed. Please reach out for options!

All sites, regardless of type, include your logo, up to 5 pictures, a contact section, a domain, web hosting, and an SSL certificate.

Horse Trainer Sites: These sites include the following sections: About You, About Your Business, and Services Offered. You can add a Sale Horses section for $50.

Small Business: Small business sites include About Your Business, Services Offered, and an embedded Google Map to your location (if applicable).

Stallion or Sale Horse: These sites include your horse’s stats (age, LTE, breed registry, etc), black type pedigree, and description. You can add a professional black type pedigree from QData.

StreamlineEquine owns all websites built under the Landing Page plans, including the domain and hosting. Any brand assets you send, like logos and pictures, still belong to you.

Yes, of course!

If you simply wish to no longer have a website, you can cancel your subscription. Your site will cease to be active at the end of your 1 year subscription.

If you’d like to transfer your website away from StreamlineEquine, you can do that at any time. Simply log in  and select the Cancel option. We’ll send you a backup file of your site and installation instructions, plus assist in transferring your domain to the registrar of your choice. A $150 transfer fee will apply.

Your initial payment of $350 is non-refundable. If you’re not sure about a StreamlineEquine site, please reach out and we’ll make sure it’s a good fit for you! If you change your mind about your site before launch (about two weeks after siging up), we won’t charge you your $150 subscription fee, but you will not receive a website.

We offer a 1 week grace period after your yearly subscription renews where you can receive a refund. After this, we’re not able to offer refunds.

All rates are subject to change, however, any rate change of more than 15% will happen with a 30 day warning and an option to transfer your site away from StreamlineEquine without paying a transfer fee.

If your subscription lapses, we’ll make sure to save your site for 60 days. If you renew within that time, everything will continue as normal! We’re not responsible for data or domain loss after 60 days.

Terms & Conditions

Here’s what you’ll agree to when purchasing a StreamlineEquine semi-custom Landing Page:

I understand I am purchasing a semi-custom, single page website. I understand that any additional content or customization requests require additional charges.

I understand that I’ll be charged $350 + any additional customizations I’ve selected today. This amount is non-refundable. My first subscription payment of $150 will process in 14 days, the approximate date of my website’s launch.

If I cancel before 14 days from the payment date, I will not be charged the first $150 subscription fee, but I understand I will not receive a website, whole or partial. 

After subscription charges have renewed, a one week grace period begins where refunds are available. After this grace period, refunds are not possible, however, you can cancel at any time.

If you’d like to move your site away from StreamlineEquine, a $150 transfer fee will apply. You’ll receive a backup file of your site and assistance transferring your domain to the registrar of your choice. 

Lisa Kittel, DBA StreamlineEquine, is the owner of all domains, hosting, and websites, excepting creative assets like logos and photographs provided to StreamlineEquine for site build. Cancellation of the subscription and payment of the $150 transfer fee will fully transfer domain ownership and website copyright. 

Non payment of the annual subscription fee will result in loss of site access. We cannot guarantee domains or website content will be available for more than 60 days following subscription renewal date.

Site updates will be performed exclusively by StreamlineEquine. Basic updates, including text changes and picture swaps, are available at a flat rate of $25. Simple updates will be performed within 48 hours of payment, excluding weekends and holidays. Larger updates, like additional sections or add-ons, are available at a la carte rates that can be viewed in your member area. Fully custom work, like additional site pages, is available at the current hourly rate. Please contact StreamlineEquine for details.

Site update, custom work rates, and subscription charges are subject to change. However, if rates increase more than 15%, the transfer fee will be waived to move sites away from StreamlineEquine servers.

Get started now and have a website within 2 weeks!

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